Chair of Trustees – Currently vacant

Nigel Leach – Treasurer

Favourite sign: Cake

Nigel combines a love of singing and helping people with a flair for a spreadsheet in his work for He has worked in a range of fields, currently as a Reinsurance Analyst for Unum. When he isn’t singing, volunteering or balancing the books, he loves spending time with his children, grandchildren and wonderful wife, Lynette

Derek Hill – Trustee

Favourite sign: Horse

Derek has a background in marketing and business.  He’s practical, and loves building things, and fixing things. He supports Include because it’s helping to create a more accepting, supportive society. And because of the cake.

Claire Dawson – Trustee

Favourite Sign: Cardigan

Claire has always worked for charities or the NHS, and has worked with adults with learning disabilities for 15 years, currently at Sunnybank Trust. She knows the importance of inclusive communication and has
loved learning Makaton and BSL – hence her passion for You can hear her on Surrey Hills Radio on Fridays talking to Surrey charities. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dog, yoga and learning how to crochet.

Gemma Haley – Trustee

Favourite sign: Wine

Gemma has worked in fundraising for twenty years, previously at Tate Britain and Tate Modern, the Science Museum and the Royal Academy of Music.  She now works at the Alzheimer’s Society. She campaigns for education in her spare time and is passionate about inclusion, which is why she is honoured to be a trustee of include.

Faisal Osman – Trustee

Favourite sign: Question

Faisal is a Barrister at the Chambers of Andrew Mitchell QC. International jetsetter, specialist lawyer and family man, Faisal brings many skills to the Board…but he won’t tell us what his favourite sign is …answers on a postcard anyone?

Rowland Beaumont – Trustee

Favourite sign: Biscuit

Roland has a background in Computers, Business and is also a musician (plays piano, cello, recorder and is a singing soloist) Roland will help anybody with anything of return for cake, especially Victoria Sponge and more importantly if chocolate is involved in any way.

Roland will help the Include Project in any way he is able to do so, for the pure fun it will bring. Especially when technology and music is needed.

Alix Lewer – Founder and Director

Favourite sign: to understand

Speech and Language Therapist, safeguarding specialist, musician and cake-maker. Alix’s personal and professional experience, a desire for change and a tendency to see the silly side of things all came together to create