It is difficult for all of us to understand the virus and what we need to do.

It is particularly difficult if you have difficulty with reading or understanding lots of spoken words. 

Here are some sites which have really useful ‘Easy Read’ resources which can help.

General Information

Royal Mencap
Easy Read Posters
Self Help Booklets
LDCoronavirus Information

1. What is Covid-19

2.Hand Washing

3.  Social Distancing and Staying at home

Books Beyond words have created some brilliant free books which can help people with literacy and understanding difficulties explore the following:

4. If you go into hospital

Hospital Passports
It is really important that if someone with communication difficulties goes into hospital that medical staff know important information that they cannot share themselves, eg their communication skills, what they need support with, their medication (if applicable) and any medical conditions that they may have. A template is provided below.

There is also a document called a “Grab and Go” form, which details a person’s current and past medical conditions, any current medication and swallowing and communication skills. It reminds everybody that all decisions made on behalf of the person with and learning disability should be in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act. The Grab and Go form is for use in emergencies, not instead of a Hospital Passport. 

Communication aid for Medical Professionals

(accessible version in development)