Alix Lewer – Choir Director

The Include Choir meets every Wednesday at 7.30pm at Hatchlands School in Redhill. We would love for you to come and sing and sign with us – everyone is welcome! Please email for more information.

You can find out what is going on this month by viewing our Calendar Page and visiting here.

We will continue to combine our face to face choir with a Zoom service in 2022 so we can all meet to sing and sign together at 7.30pm on Wednesdays wherever you are!

On Sunday evenings you will find us broadcasting live on Facebook. Come and join in with some singing and signing!

We meet at 11am once a month for an outdoor social stroll and signing in Redhill or Reigate.

To book a session, just email – or call 07446 897835 for more information.

Click here to see and request to join The Include Choir Online on Facebook.

To find out more about all of our sessions and meetings please email or see our contact page

What is the Include Choir?

  • It is a choir where you can make a difference and help make the world a more inclusive place
  • It is a way to learn Communication Skills
  • It is a place to meet new people
  • It is somewhere that everyone is valued for their unique contribution

Anyone can join The Include Choir; our members include people with and without understanding or speaking difficulties.

We use Makaton signing when we sing, as well as lots of other Inclusive Communication techniques, so joining the choir is a great way to learn skills, as well as enjoying singing and performing together.

We rehearse every Wednesday and there are other activities (online and in person).

The choir performs and runs workshops at a range of venues. Our members get involved in writing songs as well as performing and we use music as a tool for inclusion and learning about a range of relevant topics, including the Mental Capacity Act

Our activities are planned and assessed to minimise the risk of Covid19 transmission.

Want to know more?

The Include Choir uses video as a way of spreading the word about inclusive communication – and sharing the #WeTalkMakaton Sign of the week (which can be great for a giggle)

You can see performances on our YouTube Channel and songs that we’ve written too.

100% of Choir members who responded said the choir made them happy
92% said it helped them feel confident
100% of sighted singers said it helped their Makaton signing
83% said the Include Choir helped them speak up for themselves