Here’s what your kindness can buy…

If you prefer to give actual things

– rather than money –

this is our wish list:

Give a gift item - things needs:

•	Emoji cushions
•	Inflatable guitars
•	Rainbow streamers
•	Hats – ideally fun or themed
•	Giant or theme glasses
•	Foam fingers
•	Bumble bees 
•	A4 perspex picture frames
•	Stamps
•	Envelopes
•	Paper
•	Ink cartridges
•	Self Adhesive Address Labels
•	Store cupboard refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits etc)
•	Instax Mini Film
•	Raffle prizes
•	Receipt book
•	Antibac wipes
•	Biodegradable bin liners
•	plastic wallets / A4 dividers & wallet folders
If you are unsure or have something else to give, please email

All contributions make a big difference and are gratefully received.

Thank you for your support.

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